Innocence (Original Poem)

Greetings! I hope you enjoy reading the following poem as much as I enjoyed writing it.

Give me the eyes of childhood
Unstained with blinding grime,
Through which the world shines bright and clean, 
The sky so blue, the grass so green!  
Oh, for the eyes of childhood   
Unstained with blinding grime!
Give me the ears of childhood
Untainted by foul noise,
Through which each sound rings sharp and clear, 
And music filters true and pure. 
Oh, for the ears of childhood
Untainted by foul noise!
Give me the feet of childhood  
That have not walked in sin.  
They wander in a world that’s new 
Like Christopher in ‘ninety-two. 
Oh, for the feet of childhood
That have not walked in sin!
Give me the soul of childhood
Unmarred by skeptic lies,
A mind that blindly does obey, 
A heart that lovingly does pray.
Oh, for the soul of childhood
Unmarred by skeptic lies!


For the most part, my poem is written in the same form as Walter De La Mare’s “Song.” Like “Song” and most other English poems, it is written in iambic verse. It has the following rhythm: ta-TA ta-TA ta-TA. Each “ta-TA” is an iambic foot. In other words, each iambic foot is composed of one unstressed syllable followed by one stressed syllable. “Belong” and “allow” are examples of iambic words.

This poem is composed of stanzas of six lines called sextets. Within each stanza, the rhyme scheme is a, b, c, c, a, b. The first two and last two lines of each stanza are written in iambic trimeter, containing three iambic feet. The third and fourth lines use iambic tetrameter, having four iambic feet.

One thought on “Innocence (Original Poem)

  1. I was searching for my book when I saw the words “The Glass Hill” and clicked on your site. By your text I see that you are Christian. My book “Journey to the Glass Hill” is faith based, too. It’s part one of a trilogy. I like your blog, good analogies. I’ll follow you. I do not blog. I’m a retired school teacher. Writing three books consumed a great deal of my time. I use Word Press for my website, too. D Marie is my Pen Name. D for Diane, Marie is my middle name.

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